Winter’s Presence

winter Collage

Winter has made his presence known. Temperatures have dropped–frigid cold. Heaven has delivered flakes of white. The wind howls, chapping lips and coloring cheeks red. DSCN5260

Snow has remained frozen on the ground for over a week. Weathermen are predicting more snow–overnight and all day tomorrow.

As I was loading bags of groceries into my van last night the wind slithered down my neck, making me hurry in my work. I couldn’t wait to hop in my car and turn the heater full blast. As I was driving home my lips stung–the wind had chapped them in only a few minutes of contact. My thoughts turned to getting home and finding a chapstick.

DSCN5259When I returned home–to my warm house–I was able to find a chapstick and remedy my chapped lips. My short encounter with winter’s bite reminded me that there are many who don’t have a home to get warm in–most likely that don’t have something as simply as a chapstick to soothe their lips. As I thought about those who make their homes on the streets I was reminded of how blessed I am.

DSCN5258DSCN5261How can we help? We could throw a few chapsticks in our grocery cart to give to someone in need. We could buy them a sandwich and a cup of hot coffee. We could give them a warm hat…scarf…pair of gloves…socks…or even a blanket.  We just have to get a little creative and we can be the hands and feet of God.

Count blessings, Kasey

4 thoughts on “Winter’s Presence

  1. Is there a way that I can contact you via email? I am a college student doing some research for a class project and wondered if you would be interested in taking a 5 minute survey to contribute to my research in what Christian bloggers write about.Thank you!


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