A Family Shaped by Grace Book Review

A Family Shaped by Grace by Gary Morland book review.Last fall I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina and attend a conference called Hope Writers. Gary Morland was one of the speakers who helped to put on this conference. I can tell you he puts his all into helping others…which can be seen in his writing. He shares his personal story–both the good and the bad–with his readers.

Book Review: Have you ever been discouraged and felt like you have totally failed as a parent? If so, Gary can totally relate. Gary was thirty-four years old, an alcoholic, who drank three quarts of beer a day and fell asleep on the floor every evening by 7 p.m. –Gary Morland, A Family Shaped by Grace

Gary shares how he went from an alcoholic to a man shaped by grace. Gary explains how we are not just influenced by family members who are currently in our lives, but by generations that came before we were even born. He explains how dysfunctional family dynamics can trickle down through the ages, and that we do not have to be condemned to repeat past mistakes.

Let’s be grateful that there’s at least one thing we have control over–ourselves, with God’s help–and that our influence is powerful. –Gary Morland, A Family Shaped by Grace

Although Gary points out that there is no magical formula for raising a great family…Gary’s book can give the reader great ideas to a family shaped by grace.

Controlling your…thinking is a rare heroic work of sacrificial love. –Gary Morland, A Family Shaped by Grace

Gary’s book is easy to read, well-written, and filled with great advice for any family. If you pick this book up I’m sure you will glean some great ways to give grace to your family.

Blessings, Kasey



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