Unseen Book Review

Unseen by Sara Hagerty book review.

When I found out Sara Hagerty was writing a new book I couldn’t wait to read it, therefore I was very excited when I got chosen to be on her book launch team. Sara pours her heart out in her books…she is truly a gifted writer.

Her new book speaks about the hidden places in our lives. We live in a world that loves to be noticed, but what if it is in the hidden places that we begin to really find God? What if its in the hidden places that we discover our true need for a Savior?When we are hidden in the mundane, routine places of life we can be assured that God sees us. He longs to find us in these places. We desire to be known because God designed us to want to be known, so that we would want to be known by God. God is the only one who is able to fill that place in our hearts.Sara writes to her readers like they are one of her trusted friends. She spills out the wisdom that the Lord has given her to share.It is very obvious in her Sara’s writing that she is pouring out her heart to her readers. I believe you would glean much from reading this books. I highly recommend you reading it.Unseen extras:

  • The FREE book study available on the book page.
  • The video trailer (found here: www.UnseenTheFilm.com, and also on the book page itself)
  • Your own journey with the book, of course
  • Charissa Steyn’s journals for orders of 7 or more (details now linked on the book page as well)
  • And/or whatever images, quotes etc. you feel led to use (there are samples on the book page too)Blessings, Kasey

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