Katharina & Martin Luther Book Review

Katharina & Martin Luther by Michelle DeRusha book review.

martinBook Review: I love to learn about people in history, however often times one has to wade through all kinds of jargon before gleaning anything about their personal lives. Michelle has alleviated the jargon (so we don’t have to) and crafted a beautiful story of Katharina and Martin Luther.

There are many, many books wrote about Martin Luther, but not much is written about his marriage to Katharina  despite the fact that Katharina was an integral part of Martin’s last twenty years of life.

Neither Katharina or Martin had the ideal childhood. Martin received harass treatment at the hands of his school masters and Katharina was left at six years of age in the hands of nuns (by all accounts it’s most likely that Katharina never saw her father again).

Martin Luther was responsible for helping Katharina and several other nuns to escape the nunnery. Although this was not because he was in love with her.15826207_1618063418210131_8755266377934464589_nIn order to survive Katharina needed a husband. Several attempts were made to match her with a husband, but when those attempts failed Katharina boldly stated that she would marry Luther. Martin did not want to marry, but on giving it some consideration decided he would marry Katharina.

Although their marriage did not start out with ideal circumstances over time they came to love one another very deeply. They did not have an easy life together–little money, constant threats on their lives, and hard work. Despite all the hardships on their lives they had by all accounts a happy life together.15871831_1618063378210135_1496739047480302918_n15781813_1618063111543495_1251802556780625852_n15823670_1618063298210143_4574815288985075233_nMartin and Katharina had six children and raised many nieces and nephews as well. By all accounts the Luthers loved and cherished their children treating them with affection and kindness.15826609_1618063114876828_7568128797852341165_n

Michelle writes an intriguing story, each page compelling the reader to turn to the next. Michelle beautifully weaves the history of the time into the great Reformer life story–giving her reader a complete picture of exactly what the Luthers were up against.

What a great read. If you enjoy history or a love story in the making your going to want to rush out and pick up a copy of this book. I’m giving this book five stars.

Blessings, Kasey

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