Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony

I couldn’t wait to review this book (Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony) because I’m always looking for ways to improve my parenting skills. I was not disappointed!

Do you feel like at every turn something is vying for your attention?

At every age our minds and hearts are being seduced to follow this, pay attention to that, emulate so-and-so, and accumulate such-and-such. It’s no wonder that we drop in bed exhausted, but even then we have trouble sleeping. Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony

Do you every wonder how to keep your heart focused on Jesus when so many things are constantly pulling at your heart and mind?

Simply speaking, our hearts are divided. We want to follow God and His best for us, but the reality of living in this world but living for God and His kingdom is difficult. The result is that our lives are filled with anxiety. We commonly feel guilty that we aren’t doing enough or that we have indulged too, much.

Time and Time again, God tells us the allegiance of our hearts will be a battlefield. Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony

Jesus will never be satisfied with only part of our heart; He wants our whole heart!

Jesus wants our whole hearts–all our attention, affection, allegiance–and in giving such, we receive all of Him and His kingdom. Yet a modern look at the Christian family has us chasing after all this world offers–and we want a little bit of Jesus too, because that’s good right?

We see it in our children, and we see it in ourselves. We want the “Jesus Plus” version. The version that will allow us to have our Jesus cake and eat it too. Yet the problem with this is that God has always said we must choose.  Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony

If you can relate…I highly recommend this book.

Michelle’s book will give you ideas which can help your family to become spiritually healthy. I highlighted page after page of this text, so that I can return to it over and over. Michelle continually points us to scripture.

A great resource for families to add to their library!

Excellent writing…a real page turning!

A five star read!

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family 

by Michelle Anthony     
David C. Cook 
No one who starts a family plans on falling into patterns of dysfunction, but between the baggage of the past and the pressures of the world today, developing destructive parenting patterns is all too easy. Family ministry leader Dr. Michelle Anthony has now brought hope and practical help to parents in her new book, Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family: Avoiding the 6 Dysfunctional Parenting Styles.
Things such as good behavior, chore charts, and house rules often govern our families more than honest conversations, prayer, shared values, and faith adventures. Spiritually formed families live in a real world with real pressures, but they are choosing to be on journey together to live for something far greater than merely getting through another day.

Books are available via paperback to US and Canadian bloggers and ebook everywhere — please sign up in the sidebar.

 Meet the author

Dr. Michelle Anthony is Family Ministry Architect for David C Cook and Family Ministry Ambassador for ROCKHARBOR Church. She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Southern Seminary and as a practitioner, she has more than twenty-five years of church family ministry experience.
Michelle was formerly a professor at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology, and before that, she was the pastor of family ministries at ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, California. Anthony has written more than a dozen resources for Christian Education and Family/Youth Ministries, including lead vision for David C Cook’s TRU Curriculum and the bestselling book Spiritual Parenting.
She leads The Gathering events each year and dozens of TRU events each year, sharing David C Cook’s Family Ministry Philosophy around the country. She has also spoken at CPC, D6, and other family ministry events.
Michelle and her husband, Michael, have two children and currently live in Southern California.
Find Michelle online: website, Facebook, Twitter

I received a free copy of Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony from LitFuse Publicity Group. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions are my own. This truly is a wonderful read!

Blessings, Kasey


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