Women of Christmas

For the last several years I’ve really struggled with Christmas; because Christmas seems to be shrouded in materialism…rather than Christ. Sales and Stuff!DSCN5606aStores shout sales and papers ring discounts and commercials promote spending (always spending)…and I wrestle with how to keep Christ in Christmas. This time of year can become a three ring circus if we are not intentional about how and on what we spend our time. I don’t want Christmas to be a production of perfection…grand trees, grand parties, and grand gifts.

I want to strip away all the fluff and make room for the magnificent…Christ! I want a simple Christmas (like God’s Son’s simple birth) that sings Jesus…not excess! I want my focus squarely on Emmanuel! I want to bless others and show God’s light to this world.

I did something this year I’ve never done before I hosted a Bible study in my home. A Bible study by Liz Curtis Higgs entitled The Women of Christmas as a way to slow and stay focused on Christ.



Tuesday nights, I dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, and laid out a few refreshments.IMG_7885IMG_7882IMG_7880Each week, a group of us women gathered together and read a chapter of Liz’s book. To keep it simple all the reading was done at my house…no outside work…no pressure…and no stress! I printed the scriptures that were used in each chapter on slips of paper, and each time a verse was referenced whomever held that scripture read it…an interactive Bible study.

IMG_8031We finished the Bible study by watching Liz and Ann Voskamp’s Christmas on the Farm recorded last year…2013.

An amazing study written by a talented author and a wonderful Christian woman! It’s not to late to pick up a copy of The Women of Christmas and take a close look at the lives of the Women of Christmas.

Blessings, Kasey



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