And Thus the Measuring Begins!

Within minutes of being born newborns are given an Apgar score. A quick assessment to evaluate their health…and thus the measuring begins!DSCN5589a(Now, before I go any further, let me clarify; I’m not in anyway opposed to the Apgar test rather I’m just trying to make a point!)

Scores, measurements, and competition (climbing ladders) it starts young…perhaps…even in the womb. Are we okay…are we worthy?

Comparisons are our attempt to assure ourselves that are children are healthy…that our parenting is up to par!

“My baby rolled over at five months!”

“My child tested out of the first grade!”

“My child’s the best player on his football team!”

“My child doesn’t like sports is there something wrong with him?”

“My child’s going to Harvard; where’s yours going?”

It’s a measuring game! We live in a world that’s all about proving ourselves…our abilities…our worth. It gets competitive…it gets ugly…and it is a constant battle of climbing over someone to get to the top; and once one reaches the top rung they must continually wag war to keep their seat or they will topple to the next climber!

If there’s a winner there always has to be a loser! If my child’s team wins yours has to loss!

“Do nothing in selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above ourselves.” Philippians 2:3.

The comparison game only result in losers, yet we continue to play! We play because we’ve been a pawn in this game since before we could talk.

When will we believe we have worth? Christ’s life was sacrificed to show us we have worth!

If we would believe that we are enough we could put away our measuring sticks, stop using our sticks to inflict wounds upon God’s children, and we could walk knowing we are a child of God.

Blessings, Kasey




18 thoughts on “And Thus the Measuring Begins!

  1. I understand! I am not a very competitive person except against myself. However, once we had our first child the competition was on. It’s a part of our culture. It’s a part of our fallen-ness. As much as I tried to avoid it, I fell victim to it. Your post makes me think of the mother who wanted a high place with Jesus for her sons.
    Thank you for sharing your heart!


    • Lisa, Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words. You are so right…our culture rewards competitiveness. When we are aware of the temptation (to measure, compare, and compete) it will help us to recognize and resist playing the game…that always ends in someone losing. Have a wonderful week! Blessings and grace, Kasey


  2. Amen, my friend! The only comparison that matters is that nothing compares to the great love of God. So nothing will ever live up to–we have only to cling to–it’s an invitation to ride along on God’s coattails, so to speak.


    • Jen, It can be so easy to play the measuring/comparison game. The evil one would love nothing better than to make us think we don’t measure up and keep us fighting with one another. But remember, the Creator of the heavens and earth created you…perfectly! God makes no mistakes! Have a blessed Holy season. Thanks for sharing your words! Grace and peace, Kasey


  3. Well said. And you’re right…once we’re in the game, it’s hard to get out. May we all realize our own worthiness. We just need to get rid of all of the standards because we will never measure up to ours.


    • Laura, May we all realize our own worthiness…oh, yes! God made us all just the way He wanted us to be…and God doesn’t make mistakes! Thanks for sharing your wise words. Blessings and grace, Kasey


  4. Finding our value in God’s eyes makes all the difference, doesn’t it, Kasey! Insightful post – and now I’m clicking through your wreath posts – so fun! Blessings!


  5. Measurement games are exhausting, which I know because I’ve gotten far too caught up in them before. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this at #ThreeWordWednesday.


  6. Absolutely!! No more comparing because when we do we totally miss the beauty and the gift that God is bringing to us in fellowship, friendship,encoruagement, and refining.

    Powerful words of truth!


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