Stories Behind the Faces

When I was five or six years of age I would sometimes accompany my parents to auctions.DSCN5610a

The weather never seemed to be hospitable…it was either raining or spitting snow and was always cold! Mom would pack us a thermos of hot chocolate to warm our bones during the auction. She also brought alone blankets to wrap over our coats…mine was a red and black wool blanket brought with S&H Green stamps. (If you are too young to know what S&H Green stamps were, they were stamps you got for buying groceries. You collected and stuck them in paper books. When you had filled enough books to buy something you wanted you took your books, filled with stamps, to the S&H Green stamp store and purchased it…just like money)IMG_7871

I guess, I must have caught the auction bug as a little girl because today I just love attending auctions. I’ve attended auctions when it’s blazing hot and when it’s cold as ice, but whatever the temperature I have a wonderful time. I don’t always buy something and when I do it’s usually only a few items…I’m a bargain shopper.

I have always had a love for history and therefore I’m always on the look out for vintage goods at a low price. Some days I’m successful and other times not.

Old photos and letters are often for sale. It seems too personal to sell such items but never the less they put them up for the highest bidder. I often look into the faces of these people in black and white photos and wonder what was their life like…what was their story? How is it that family members didn’t hold on to these precious pictures?

We see people’s faces everyday splashed across television and computer screens. We don’t have to guess at their story the media keeps us informed…men, women, and children who need help. Most through no fault of their own…are without water, food, clothes, shoes, and medical care.

There are people all over the world whose faces cry for us to be the hands and feet of God.

Please watch the following short video and if the Lord leads you to help someone in need…please pop over to World Help and find out how you can be apart of giving someone a better Christmas.

I apologize that you are going to have to click twice to see the video.

World Help Gifts/Christmas 2014 

Blessings, Kasey


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