Dance of Life

We do the dance of life, but do we hear the music?IMG_7489a

When I was in school, seventh and eighth graders could sign-up for eight weeks of dance lessons followed by a cotillion (formal dance). We learned the foxtrot and a couple other dances that I no longer remember the names nor the steps to.

I do remember my instructor repeating over and over these phrases, “Side together side, step, step, quick step, and heel ball change.” Now, I’m what you might call…clumsy, therefore it took all my concentration…focused directly on my feet it keep from tripping over my own feet. Now, this dance thing did not come naturally to me…I worked very hard trying to get my feet to…side together side, step, step, quick step, and heel ball change. I was so busy targeting all my attention on my feet that I didn’t really hear the music…it was just background noise.

I wonder, do we do the same thing with our lives…do we  focus so much on the doing that we don’t enjoy the music?

We do the dance of life: work, groceries, house cleaning, sports, church commitments, grass mowing, and the list goes on and on! But do we miss the morning sunrise, our children’s laughter, a friend’s voice (not a text), a parents warm embrace, a babies toothless smile, blue sky, a first frost, and many, many moreIMG_7472aIMG_7948aIMG_7787aIMG_7800aIMG_7480aIMG_7795aIMG_7766aIMG_7744a.

Isn’t it time we focused more on the music than the dance?

Blessings, Kasey


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