Citizen – Book Review

Book review of Citizen by Rob Peabody.

Christians are citizen’s of heaven–this earth is but a rest stop on our way to our eternal home. Our life here on earth is but a vapor, but are we living our lives like it is? Are we following Jesus? Or are we chasing the American dream?

Rob puts it this way:  The Western dream is to do something you love, get paid well for it, have influence, have a family, be liked, own cars and maybe a holiday home, be comfortable, and spend your time doing only what you want when you want. You may invite others in to share life with you, but only on your terms and according to your rules. And the way the world works in the West, if you try hard enough and are dealt the right cards, this dream is not too far from becoming reality. It can be achieved. (Citizen by Rob Peabody p. 72.)

Rob has met many Christians  who feel that the life Christ has called them to does not equate to how they are living.  They want the abundant life that Jesus promises but the lifestyle they are living does not line up with what God calls them to and they settle for mediocrity.

Rob explores what it looks like to live like we are citizens of heaven, rather than earth.  Rob’s book is chalked full of Biblical principles and truths–it challenges readers to look closely at how they are living their lives.

Rob put’s it this way (paraphrased): Jesus has redeemed us, and the Spirit has taken on the business of transforming us to look more and more like Jesus. But the Christian journey also involves an effort of will. We work with God with our hearts open to His Spirit’s leading, but Christlike does not strictly occur by osmosis.  There needs to be a willful submission to the ways of God, and the more we practice this, the easier and more natural it gets. (Citizens by Rob Peabody p. 87.)

I gleaned a great deal from this book and enjoyed reading it.  If you would like to explore more deeply what it looks like to live like a citizen of heaven, this book might be just what you are looking for.      

by Rob Peabody

When living what you believe to be a good Christian life still leaves you feeling empty, you might begin to wonder: Do I really know what it means to follow Christ? It’s a question Rob Peabody, author of Citizen: Your Role in the Alternative Kingdom, asked himself at the age of 26, shortly after landing his dream job as the lead campus pastor of a burgeoning new campus of a Texas mega-church.

Peabody realized his faith had little connection with the world around him. He had inherited a westernized view of Christianity that too often glorifies personal success, comfort and individualism to the detriment of the lifestyle to which Jesus calls his followers. He realized Jesus was calling him — and all of us — to an all-or-nothing lifestyle, not a pick-and-choose faith salad bar. Something had to change.

In Citizen, Peabody defines the kingdom-centered identity given to followers of Jesus and uses his personal story to reveal fundamental problems in the Christian culture. He shows how each problem — the model of competition, the idol of the autonomous self, the desire to create God in our own image and conflicting allegiances – can be resolved by appealing to our loyalties and duties as citizens of God’s kingdom.

Citizen is also a wake-up call to the church in the West. Peabody’s spiritual journey has now taken him from America’s Bible belt to the United Kingdom, where he is dedicated to reaching the young adults walking London’s streets.

In Citizen, readers will learn salvation is so much more than just a get-out-of-jail-free card; it’s an invitation to change the way they live completely and transform a culture in the process.

 Meet the Author
Rob Peabody left his position as lead campus pastor of a mega-church in Texas in 2011 and moved with his wife, Medea, and their two sons to the U.K. He is now the co-founder and director of Awaken, a non-profit organization that exists to provide resources and creativity to the church and reach Londoners in their 20s and 30s with the Gospel. This work is commissioned by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and in partnership with the Church of England.
Peabody also currently serves as a missional consultant for multiple church networks. He appears regularly at the Spring Harvest conferences in Great Britain and will be leading a new upcoming national U.K. conference for young adults called The Pursuit.
In addition, Peabody has written a small-group film series entitled Kingdom Rise, which was released in March of 2013.
Learn more about Rob at: website, Facebook, Twitter

Blessings, Kasey


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