When God Plans Our Steps…

Busy, overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt-out, and stressed have become the normal responses to the question, “How are you?”

The nightly news reports that an “epidemic of stress” is infiltrating people of all walks of life.IMG_7590a

Stress has no bias, all humans are at risk of falling prey to this “epidemic” and that includes Christians.

Stress may be triggered by anything that our bodies deem as a threat, whether it’s real or imagined. Constant hurry, busyness, and periods of lost leisure or rest will generate stress.

Continuous amounts of stress can weaken one’s immune system which may result in illness–viruses and bacteria thrive in people who experience on-going stress.

Our bodies are not machines they need rest and relaxation.  If we choose to ignore our bodies need for rest, eventually, we will experience physical or mental consequences…

If you would like to finish reading this post I would love for you to hop over to Essential Thing Devotions where I will be guest posting.

Blessings, Kasey




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