Buried Beneath the Words

Have you ever felt burdened by the words that have been tossed your way? Been bogged down? Felt stifled unable to move on? Have you felt alone and wished for someone to understand? If you answered yes to any of these questions  Buried Beneath the Words just might be the book for you!

Betel Arnold has experienced the string of words–understands how they have a way preventing us from moving on.  She offers a Biblical perspective on how to move past the hindrance of painful words.

If you have experienced the impact of word spoken without thought you will say, “Yes! Finally! Someone who understands how I feel” Betel will show you that you are not alone.

It’s an easy read–only 135 pages.  You can easily read this book in a few hours.  Great read, filled with scripture to help spur you on.

Betel Arnold

by Betel Arnold
Words! Words! Words!

Words all over the place. Accusing, blaming, and degrading words are the worst of all. After hearing those words over and over again, we begin to feel the weight of them threatening to crush the very life out of us.

Betel Arnold’s Buried Beneath the Words cleverly shares a true life story about the different ways someone can end up buried beneath the weight of negative words. Then it shares a Christian course for how God’s word can revive us. By putting the advice given within these pages into practice, you will experience an awakening of the real you—the you that has been buried way too long.

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 Meet the Author
Betel Arnold is founder of Courage Under Fire Coaching and co-creator ofSimply Talking, a local TV show that addresses issues from daily life as well as the deeper questions brought about by personal tragedies. Betel co-produces and co-hosts the show while working as an inspirational speaker. She is especially committed to helping women become all that God has called them to be. Betel is the proud mother of four children, is a stepmom, and resides with her loving husband in Western Mass.
Learn more about Betel at: website,Twitter, Facebook

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Blessings, Kasey

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Buried Beneath the Words Betel Arnold

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