When was the last time you sat on your back porch and listened to the sounds of summer–a thousand and one insects chatting all vying for center stage, a lone cricket whispering his solemn chant?

Looked up to see brilliant blue sky made brighter by the sun’s warming rays? Or drank in the large…white…fluffy clouds painted by the Creator’s Hand that canvas the azul?

Felt a gentle breeze glide across your face and awaken your senses to its touch?

Scanned the long green blades of grass dotted with white clovers tinged in pink?

Watched the winged creatures we call butterflies flutter from one lovely colored flower to another?

Quietly surveyed a large furry black and yellow bubble bee land upon a purple cornflower and parade about echoing a noisy buzz?

Viewed a blue jay pluck a juicy blackberry from the vine for an afternoon snack?

Observed as a  moth skimmed across the tops of ripening  soy beans?

Watched as a single willow leaf twirled to the ground?

Noticed the dropping head of a sunflower its face washed in shades of yellow?IMG_6862 IMG_7123aGod saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning–the six day. (Genesis 1:31).DSCN3216a IMG_6379a IMG_6864a IMG_6828a IMG_6851 IMG_7229a IMG_7239a IMG_7231aIf  you haven’t “slowed” for any of the above, summer has not yet been put to bed, and you still have time.  Slow, dear friends, and breathe in God!

Blessings, Kasey 



9 thoughts on “Summertime…Slow!

  1. What a beautiful reminder Kasey. I have a love/dislike relationship with the sounds of August. The cicadas even though maybe not a truism remind me that Fall and colder weather is on the way, and I’m not yet ready to give up the warm Summertime, but the love relationship is how you describe just sitting on a warm evening and soaking their sounds and wonder of our world.


    • Peabea, Summer is my favorite time of year. I never look forward to the approaching long winter–hibernating away from the cold and trying to avoid all the illness that is so prevalent. However, I guess if we didn’t have winter we might not enjoy summer so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dear friend. Have a blessed and sun-filled day, Kasey


    • Nannette, I always get a little sad when I know summers coming to an end. I love all that summer entails and the thought of being stuck indoors during the cold weather doesn’t thrill me. So glad you popped by! Hope you will visit again. Blessings, Kasey


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