Release The Reins

In April, out family adopted a little black labrador puppy, Maverick. He loves to play ball, however there is just one problem he doesn’t want to release the ball from his mouth so that we can throw it for him to retrieve. He brings us the ball, his dark eyes shining, begging us to play, but he won’t release the ball. As much as he wants to play he doesn’t want to release his prize–control of the ball.DSCN7021a

I wonder if we too, are like my puppy? We desperately want Jesus–His grace and mercy, salvation, and eternal life–but do we want to turn the reins of our life over to Him? We believe Jesus can cleanse us from our sins, but do we trust Him with our lives?

Or do we hold unto the reins of our lives as tightly as my puppy grasps his ball refusing to turn control of our relationships, finances, children, selfishness, jobs, material possessions, perfectionism, etc. over to the Lord?

Do we believe if we give Him the reins of our lives He will see us through in all circumstances? For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13). Or do we fear, that perhaps, we won’t like the direction in which He wants us to go, and therefore hold firmly to the reins of our lives and refuse to let go?

Do we sometimes give God the reins of our lives only to quickly snatch them back? Or do we make Christ, Lord of our lives giving Him full control over all we say and do? Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Blessings, Kasey






18 thoughts on “Release The Reins

  1. Love this post, Kasey! First, if my daughter has a third child and if it’s a boy, I’m lobbying for the name Maverick! Second I wrote about “reigns” today too! Great minds think alike, eh? Thanks so much for linking up to Testimony Tuesday!


    • Holly, My second born child, a son, is a roller-coaster enthusiast. When we were picking out names for our puppy he said we had to name the puppy after a roller-coaster. Cedar Point has a roller-coaster named Maverick and that’s how Maverick got his name. Thanks for hosting Testimony Tuesday. Blessings, Kasey


  2. Do we believe? Lord, increase our faith! For when we try to steer our lives and forget that God is sovereign over all.

    Thank you for linking up at Words of Life with these words of encouragement.


  3. This story reminds me of when one of my children starts hogging a ball that the three of them are playing with- the game of volleyball, or catch or whatever they may be playing ceases because the child refuses to let go of the ball. We are told to cast our cares upon him. Thank you for this reminder.


    • Jo Rose, Yes…children and adults (especially adults) can act like my puppy. Thanks for your thoughts, I always enjoy what others are thinking. Blessings and grace to you, Kasey


  4. It’s so true, Kasey, we want to maintain control – but what marvelous freedom we realize when we give ourselves to Jesus~! Have a blessed week!


  5. You are right to point out how tightly we hold on to the things God wants us to release. Because he has something BETTER ready. What a simple reminder I can return to again and again as I play with my own dogs. Thanks.


    • Beth, As I watched our puppy hold ever so tightly to his ball–wanting to play–refusing to let go, all I could think of was how we do this very thing with God. We must learn to trust God with our all. So glad you stopped by and thanks for sharing your thoughts–I always enjoy reading what others are thinking. Have a blessed week, Kasey


  6. I often find myself reflecting on the verse from Mark 9:24, “I believe, help me with my unbelief.” As Rebekah wrote, may He increase our faith and may we trust Him enough to release the reigns to Him. Thanks for sharing with Three Word Wednesday. Blessings.


  7. It is so hard to actually enjoy the ball’s purpose–throwing, catching, retrieving when we are holding so tightly to it. It’s in the sharing that the actual blessing occurs. Lord, make me gracious to you and to others. Amen


    • Lisa, So true, its when we turn the ball over to Christ that true living begins. May God grant us more faith to trust His will for our lives. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Blessings and grace to you, Kasey


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