When You Homeschool

When you homeschool the whole world is your classroom and teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages; your not limited by four walls because life happens everywhere and you can’t put parameters on learning. DSCN2220aTime management is learned when one forgets to turn on the crock-pot and supper must be found by foraging.

Problem solving is learned when Mom wedges the riding mower between a road sign and a tree and she sends two boys to get it unstuck.

Home-economics is learned when a puppy is made part of the family. Children learn about potty training, being sleep deprived, and that their time is not their own–between playing chase and making sure one black puppy doesn’t chew up the entire house.

Science is learned when youngest child comes screaming in the house like she’s been mortally wounded yelling, “Snake!” Because she knows what Eve should have none–To Stay Away From Snakes! I tell her that I think snakes come out after a big rain (which had occurred the day before) her brother quickly checks it out and yes, snakes come out after a rainstorm.

Who needs physical education when your children live in the swimming pool? Three ball, kick ball, and steal the flag played with friends can only be called extra credit.

When boys work with their uncle (The Energizer Bunny–who never stops) they learn a good work ethic.

When oldest daughter goes with mom on a Mother Daughter Retreat to Canada she not only learns statistics she gets to experience Canada, she also learns about passports and border control.

One needs to be a mathematician to calculate how much food four children consume in a day.

Then there are the academics–math, science, history, health, grammar, literature, spelling, and Bible–which comprise the majority of one’s day.

Although its time to put the books away and enjoy the summer sun, learning is never ending.

Blessings, Kasey


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