The hands of time fly quickly past, no rest, no pause, and no stopping, a constant…tick, tick, tick. They don’t allow for instant replays, do-overs, or second chances–once gone, gone.IMG_6749

And yet, do we live our lives like every moment counts? How many minutes-that we can never get back–do we squander away? If today were our last would facebook, twitter, or pinterest really matter or have value? Do we spend the time which God has allotted us…wisely or will we have regret when our time is up?

The hands of time don’t wait for perfection–well manicured lawns, polished cars, and pristine houses; they journey on as children grow up, parents turn old, and grandparents fade away. They don’t wait for tomorrow or for bills to be paid–no…they ramble on.

Do traffic jams cause your blood pressure to rise and your heart rate to skyrocket, or do you peer up at the blue sky, enjoy the wildflowers that worked their way through the earth and bloomed, or drink in the faces of those you call family?

My youngest birth was planned (I have fast delivers, you can read her brother’s story here) and the night before she was to be born my friend asked me if I could wait till the following day. I knew she would be my last child and my reply was no–I wanted to record, capture, remember how it felt to have the presence of life within my womb–I didn’t want to wish the moment away.

I encourage you to feel the presence of life, don’t wish time away or take it for granted. Life is precious and time is fleeting–go slow, breathe deep of life and enjoy it–spend it fully awake with those you love.

Blessings, Kasey




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