Collecting Hope

The earth was once a paradise where peace and harmony reigned; a place where man and God walked in perfect communion. Man was created to be dependent upon God as a loving Father. When God’s children choose to seek independence, unity was lost, a division was placed between man and God. Sin invaded paradise–tainted man and earth–resulting in death of communion, death of paradise, and death of mankind.

Our sin-saturated world has carnage on every corner. Lives blooded and beaten, children orphaned, and man inventing ways to harm, maim, and destroy one another. Pain and despair are splashed across the news for all to see.

As our eyes scan the globe–we see needs in Africa, Asia, Haiti, Brazil, India, Philippines every country, every continent in the world–impoverishment, oppression, conflict, disease, and injustice. It’s overwhelming–the need–it seems daunting too much for one person to make a difference. Satan would like us to believe it’s hopeless. Just switch off the television–forget what we saw– bury our head in the sand and give up–end of story. But we dare not, because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ” Philippians 4:13. We can’t do anything but Christ can.

So where do we start? On our knees–seeking God’s direction. He will direct our course. Start where you are, perhaps, in your own backyard or just down the street or maybe one town over. Trust God! He will show you.IMG_6394

My family and I had the privilege of being part of a project called “Collecting Hope”–collecting hygiene products for the homeless.

Last spring I was reading a mother’s blog describing how she and her children gathered hygiene products, placed them in bags, and handed them out to the homeless. Simple–a way to help in my corner of the world–and a way for my family to be the hands and feet of God. If we want our children to have a servant’s heart we have to give them opportunities to serve.

The following is a list of items we included in our bags: toothbrush, toothpaste, hand lotion, soap, wash cloth, granola bars, chapstick, candy, McDonald’s gift cards, duct tape, tic tacs, deodorant, gum, and a sprinkle of hope.

We used gallon sized zip lock bags to place our hygiene products in–nothing fancy. We keep several bags in our van–whenever we see someone in need we hand them a bag.

We took the idea a step further and shared it with our pastor. Over the Lent season our entire church ran a project–Collecting Hope–where we collected hygiene products which we used to assemble 200 bags for the homeless–our church family took the bags to distribute throughout our community.

Church members have been tracking me down to share their experiences–one with tears, all with smiles and excitement in their voices. We think we are helping them but in reality they are helping us.

Assembling bags for Collecting HopeDSCN6188DSCN6191DSCN6254DSCN6264DSCN6289

Blessings, Kasey


16 thoughts on “Collecting Hope

  1. Wow! What a great project and what a great purpose you have here. Thank you for sharing and encouraging all of us to be giving in whatever ways we can!


    • We don’t have to look far to find ways to help the hurting–because we see it everywhere. Even a smile at the grocery may be a bright spot in someone’s day. Thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouragement. Blessings and grace to you, Kasey


  2. Thank you for sharing this, Kasey. How true that in reality they help us more than we help them. Adults and children alike get excited over hygiene products while we sometimes mumble and complain if we don’t get the gift we wanted. When we are without something, we learn to appreciate it so much more.


    • My family has also been working with a ministry in our area–Target Dayton Ministries-which ministers to the poor and homeless, they told us if you don’t have a place to sleep or food to eat you certainly don’t have money for hygiene products. Sometimes when you see someone in need you don’t know what to do to help–all that I’ve read about the subject says, its not a good idea to give cash–with the hygiene kits you know how to help without worry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts–I always enjoy reading what others are thinking. Joy and peace to you, Kasey


  3. I love this idea and have heart about it from several other people. Perhaps this is Jesus’ way of hinting for our family to get involved? Thanks for sharing this great inspiration over at #EverydayJesus, Kasey. And kudos on being on obedient to God’s call.


    • Sharita, Its truly an easy way to help the least of these–its also a great way to get our children involved in serving. Thanks for your kind words. Blessings and grace to you, Kasey


    • Lily, Its an easy and great way to help the least of these. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment–always great to hear what others are thinking. Have a blessed weekend. Grace and peace, Kasey


    • So glad you stopped by. As a family we’ve taken this even further by serving at a local church that serves meals to the homeless. Its amazing how much one can help others with just a little time. Grace to you, Kasey


  4. Such a beautiful act of service. Our church every year makes bags to bless those less fortunate. It really is the simple things that make a difference in a person’s life. Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Brew!


    • Barbie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This project has lead us to serve the homeless and to get others to serve also. It truly is a wonderful experience when you get to help others. Blessings, Kasey


  5. Gosh, love this. My sister did something similar a few years ago and I keep MEANING to take action on it myself, but never have. I think you just inspired me to do something. I really appreciate this post! ~Sarah 🙂


    • It truly is a simple project that anyone could do. Also if you put bars of soap in your bags your car will smell fresh until you see someone in need. Helping others really opens our eyes to other people’s needs. Thanks for stopping by. Grace and peace to you, Kasey


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