Boys To Men

Last evening I watched as my two sons mowed grass, the work is preparing them for manhood. Both have grown tall (taller than their mama) and are much too large to curl-up in my lap. They are growing into men before my very eyes.

I counsel and pour love, and most importantly I pray. I  implore the Lord to take that flame of faith which He has planted within their hearts and turn it into an inferno for Christ. I ask the Lord to show them the unique plans He has for their lives–plans that God had for them before He spoke the world into existence.IMG_6381-4

I reminded them that we are not here to chase after the American dream, but to do the work of the Lord–eternal work. I continue to prompt them to pray and ask the Lord to reveal His plans for their lives.

I would prefer to have them close by once they reach adulthood, but if God should call them to the mission field somewhere on the other side of the world I would be willing to lose them to it. But I  am not willing to lose them to any other than God!

I love them with the fierceness of a mother bear and I’m privileged to call them my sons.

Blessings, Kasey


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