We have a new baby (eight week’s old) in the house–his name’s Maverick. He’s a playful bundle of fur–black as a starless sky at midnight. We picked him up Thursday evening and he’s already stolen our hearts. He was a birthday gift for our youngest who turned eleven last week.IMG_6188aHow does one choose–they were all so cute and adorable? It wasn’t an easy decision to make but she was able to choose one, and he’s been great fun for our family.IMG_6197a IMG_6204aMy girls have been wishing for a puppy for years, our youngest decided this was the year she was going to talk her dad into getting her a puppy for her birthday. The first of January she started asking her daddy for a puppy–once, twice, and sometimes three times a day. Next she started writing notes–I want a puppy–and leaving them all over the house. Her perseverance finally paid off and her daddy gave in and got her a puppy. You can tell by the smile on her face that she’s thrilled with her puppy.IMG_6201aBlessings, Kasey



4 thoughts on “Maverick

    • Anita, Maverick’s like having a newborn in the family–sleep really interrupted, but otherwise going well. He sure doesn’t lack for attention. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings, Kasey


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