Five Minute Friday – Small

I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday today. One writes for five minutes–unedited–about one word. Today’s word is small.

He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30–this is the scripture that comes to mind when I think about small.

DSCN5277aIn a world that is big, bold, and brash small can be beautiful. It’s in the small (quiet) that love is revealed. Often times it’s the small gestures that makes one feel safe, secure, and adored. I watched an older gentleman (70 +) holding his wife’s arm as he escorted her into Walmart. I imagine that small gesture of concern not only made her feel protected but cherished and affirmed. That one small gesture touched my heart as well–reminding me of my own grandfather and how he used to do the same for my grandmother.

Small ordinary actions warm the heart–an excited squeal (greeting) of a toddler as one return home, butterfly kisses, and bear hugs. Tenderness can be felt at an intimate dinner, a quiet walk in the moonlight, and a single red rose–small.

It’s in the small, quiet places that we find God.  We must decrease (become small) and He must increase. When we make ourselves small, God’s glory is best illuminated.

Blessings, Kasey


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