Married Times Two…On Christmas Eve


This post is in honor of my parent’s 48th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  I’m thankful that the Lord has blessed me with both of you.   

They meet in their 8th grade history class.  Mom wasn’t immediately smitten, but Dad quickly won her over.  When the teacher would call on her to answer a question and she didn’t know the answer, Dad would whisper it in her ear.  They dated all through high school–roller skating, movies, and dances–they were inseparable.

They graduated from high school in 1965.  In September, four months after graduation, Dad joined the Air Force.  They planned to marry on his first leave home, the only problem with this plan was that they didn’t know when that would be. He received a two day leave–December 24-26–only one week prior to the date.  The following activities had to be comepleted in just one week: blood tests, rings, cake, flowers, tuxes, and a wedding dress.


DSCN0503a Christmas Eve–December 24, 1965–Dad flew into the airport in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Mom was there to greet him.  With it being Christmas Eve all the county courts were closed in Ohio.  Lucky for them they were open in Kentucky.  Therefore, they left the airport and headed for Kentucky, acquired a marriage license, and sought out a Justice of the Peace.  They were married in the Justice of the Peace’s living room–now that all the legal red-tape was complete they could travel back to Ohio for a beautiful wedding ceremony.


They were married for the second time that evening in their hometown, in the church my mother grew up in.  Bridesmaids wore red and white dresses-red velvet bodices with white satin skirts–groomsmen wore white tuxes with black ties.  The bride dressed in a white satin gown with matching veil was escorted down the aisle by my grandfather to her waiting groom decked out in his Air Force uniform.


DSCN0509aDSCN0510a DSCN0511a


They fed each other cake, opened gifts, and threw the garter and bouquet like any other couple.  However, they only had two days before Dad would have to fly back to Mississippi and report for duty.  Mom said she cried her eyes out when she had to say good-bye at the airport.  She joined Dad in Mississippi on January 21, 1966.  They have been together ever since.




Count blessings, Kasey


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