For the last year, God has been whispering the word “slow” to me. You may be wondering if it’s even possible to slow down when the whole world seems to be moving as fast as a locomotive?  Yes, I believe it is.  Not only do I believe it is possible, but I have been doing just that.  Slowing down…breathing…trying to live life, like it isn’t an emergency (Ann Voskamp-One Thousand Gifts).  My life was moving like a whirlwind, moving way too fast, and I didn’t want to wake up one day and remember my children’s childhood as a blur.  A blur of activities without memories of special moments.  Moments that build relationship, character, beautiful moments, and love.  I have been practicing “slow” and I encourage you too, as well. Every moment that goes by will never come again; therefore go slow, make every minute count.

Count Blessings, Kasey     


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