Counting All Blessings


I began counting gifts in October 2012–shortly after reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. It couldn’t have been a more perfect time of year. God’s majesty was on display for all the world to see.  Trees dressed in brilliant colors–bronze, gold, and crimson. Large, round pumpkins painted orange, scarecrows dressed in faded jeans, apples ripened red, chill air, and morning dew that glistened in the sunlight.

I was driving down country roads, one evening last October, counting gifts: a breath-taking sunset, autumn decorations, and bright orange lights woven through tree branches.  That’s when I began to feel it, a smile upon my lips.  I had not placed it there, it had just appeared.  So stuck was I at its appearance, that I reached up and felt the smile…yes it was truly there.  What joy ran threw me in that moment.  Just as Ann had written in her book, when we give thanks, the joy will follow.  Praise God for His Goodness, praise God for His Gifts, and praise God for that smile.


The greatest gift our Lord Jesus.

Count blessings, Kasey


4 thoughts on “Counting All Blessings

    • Professor, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I hope to post a photo (mailbox decorated for Christmas) and a scripture each day from now unto Christmas. Some post with have more content than others. Blessings, Kasey


    • Glad to have you stop by. I just love themes. I took most of these photos last Christmas 2012 in preparation for this year. I wanted to make sure I had enough decorated mailboxes before starting a series. See you tomorrow. Blessings, Kasey


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