Five Minute Friday Fly


Hooking up with Five Minute Friday. For five minutes (on one word) of free writing without worrying about getting it right. Today’s word is Fly.


Whenever I hear the words: flying, airplane, air travel, airport, or airlines my husband immediately comes to mind. As an adolescent God placed a passion within him for flying. He got his pilot’s license, at the young age of sixteen, by working part-time at a local airport in exchange for flying lessons.

Once when we were dating he rented an airplane, had me meet him at a local airport, and flew me to dinner–pretty romantic, huh? Another time while we were dating he flew us to a wedding that would have taken us about nine hours by car, but only took three by air. It was a November wedding and on our return trip I nearly froze–if there was a heater in the plane it did a poor job. It was so cold I had to lone my husband, my gloves, in order to keep his hands from freezing as he flew the plane. Half way into the flight I discovered my door was cracked open by about two inches. I freaked, a little, I’d been leaning against it the whole flight and I thought what if I’d fallen out. Then I realized that would never have happened because of the air pressure and calmed down. However, I now knew why I was so cold and the worst part was there was no way to close it until we landed–but what a memory.

We live close to the Dayton Air Force Museum and on countless occasions he’s taken me there and given me the history on most every plane. As a history major I find this pretty cool.

When our children were toddlers and babies my husband decided to build his own plane–he’s a pretty smart cookie. He purchased a Van’s Aircraft kit and started building. Some of the pieces were less than an inch long…others much larger. Not only did he have to assemble every piece and put it together like a puzzle, he had to paint and rust proof it. If you’ve ever looked at house plans, they are a piece of cake compared to the specs on this airplane. It took him 8 to 10 years to assemble this aircraft. It was nearly finished except for dropping an engine into it when he decided to sell it. Why you ask? Our children had reached teenagers by this point and the plane was taking too much time away from our family. He chose to sell the plane in order to be with his family. He never got to fly his plane but he will never have to look back and regret not spending it with his children.


Here he is with our four blessings.

My children have been blessed with the greatest dad.


I wasn’t able to scare up a photo of him with his plane on short notice, but here’s a photo of him working on our deck last summer–he can build just about anything.

P.S. If your wounding what he does to pay the bills, he’s an Air Traffic Controller.

Count blessings, Kasey


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Fly

  1. Kasey,
    What fun memories! As someone terrified of flying I should talk to your hubby to ease my fears. Even though my hubby was an AF F-16 mechanic for many years, it hasn’t helped!

    Have a wonderful week.
    Dawn 🙂


    • Dawn, Thanks for dropping by. I was a little scared myself when he took me flying that first time and took his hands off the wheel and said for me to fly. You could fly the plan from both seats. I did take hold of the wheel thinking it better someone was steering but I hated every minute of it and was realeaved when he took the controls again. Things we do when we are dating. Blessings to you and your husband, Kasey


  2. thoroughly enjoyed reading this. your hubby sounds like a wonderful man. my father in law spent years building a wooden sailboat. he and my husband (with two of our kiddos) were able to sail it on lake huron a few years back. and what a neat date – although i hate flying – give me a pick up truck any day!!


  3. This is what we do when we love our children – we put aside our desires and pleasures for the. Sake of our children. It is wonderful that your children have a dad who is willing to do this.


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