Season’s First Snow


Driving home with my son last evening rain splatters upon the windshield and begins to turn icy.  He questions if the rain looks to be turning into snow his voice tinged with hopefulness. He loves snow, perhaps, it has something to do with being born in our Chevy Venture in the middle of a snow storm.  If you would like to read his birth story just click over to Snow Baby.

We both look intently at the headlights trying to discern flakes of snow or drops of rain. Our final analogy was feathers of snow. I caution that it’s too warm for the snow to stick, rather, it was destined to melt, the moment it hit the ground–not wanting to get his hopes too high of any accumulations.

To my great surprise this morning, my prediction were completely incorrect. A beautiful layer of white blanketed the ground. God delights in bringing joy to his children’s hearts.

DSCN5100aDSCN5108aDSCN5112aDSCN5105aDSCN5102aDSCN5113aCount blessings, Kasey


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