Blue Jay’s Message


Limb after limb the blue jay hops. His feathers a flash of blue as he journeys from here to there.

Could he be counting the gifts from above?

Leaves of changing color beneath his tiny feet.

Ground washed in a coloration of beauty.

Sky of blue above his head.

Acorns wearing caps, plentiful to gather and store.

Cornstalks dried brown, hanging heavy, with husk of yellow kernels.

One lone apple still clinging red…a feast…for one so small.

Multicolored corn pressed against the straw…another feast…another meal. A lovely sight for one and all.

Heads of wheat bowing low…bowing low. He sees the glory of the Father of all. Bowing low…bowing low…this is where we must go. Humility and thanksgiving! Yes, this is where we must go.



Count blessings, Kasey


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