Five Minute Friday – She


Hooking up with Five Minute Friday.  Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.  Write about one word.  Today’s Word is “She.”

She was my grandmother.  She loved me unconditional just because I was her granddaughter…just like Jesus loves us just because we are His.  Its just that simple. 



My father was in the United States Air Force when I was born.  He had to go to Goose Bay, Labrador when I was only six weeks old.  Mom and I moved in with my grandparents (for about a year and a half) until my father returned to the states. My grandmother would often tell me stories about the time mom and I lived with them..

One such story was about how my grandfather mistook my Desitin (diaper rash medicine) for toothpaste.  He said, “Marjorie that was the worst tasting toothpaste, I’ve even tasted.  Don’t ever buy that kind again!” To which my grandmother replied, “Cordell, that’s the babies butt medicine!”


Grandma and Grandpa.

She also liked to tell me the story of how I would push their dog, Foxy from his bed and claim it for myself.  She said the dog never got angry or upset with my treatment (I was only about a year old).

When I was in elementary school I loved spending the night at her house–she took me shopping, out to eat, to visit her friends (always wanting to show off her granddaughter), and to church.  She taught me to crochet, can, and a whole gamut of things.  She was never too, busy, for me.

My senior year in high school she took me on a cruise to Mexico.  We had a grand adventure.  It was my first and only time out of the country.

When I became a mama she shared the same love with my children that she always showered on me.  The last ten years of her life, we lived only about five minutes apart.  This enabled us to see each other several times a week. She was always ready and willing to baby-sit, go out to eat, or accompany me shopping.


Grandma with my four blessings.

She suffered a stroke about four months before she went to be with the Lord. She no longer recognized her family, and had, to have constant care.  It was very painful to see her in such a state.  Although, I hated to loose her I was grateful that the Lord took her home where she, would suffer, no more.

My heart will always be filled with her love, memories, and words.  Never, would she tell me good-bye without saying, “Let me kiss your neck.”

My grandmother was a true blessing from the Lord.

Count blessings, Kasey


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – She

  1. I loved this! My Granny lived with us from the time I was 5 years old. I still miss her so much and she passed away 6 years ago. Thanks for sharing your memories. She sounds like a very special lady. 🙂


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