This Is Homeschooling


With autumn’s cool temperatures and  brightly colored leaves…comes…school books.  Several weeks ago my children and I started our homeschooling year. Sleeping in, leisurely days by the pool, and endless hours to work on my blog…have come to a halt.  As I become familiar with my new routine, I hope to find more time for writing.


Sometimes I’m asked what  my homeschool day looks like.  Its really like anyone else’s job–you have a schedule (plan) of what you want to accomplish for the day and then you get to work. However, as with any other job, things happen…people get sick, cars break down or an emergency arises.  When this happens we just go with the flow and make things work. I thought I would tell you about one such day.


On this particular morning I had a doctor’s appointment.  I got all my children busy working on school work and gave them assignments to complete while I was gone.  My doctor’s office is only about twenty minutes from my home, therefore, I was able to make a quick, forty-five minute, visit.  After my appointment I stopped at my parents home (five minutes from doctor’s office) and switched my car for theirs.  I needed a smaller, compact car for my son to take his driver’s test in, later, that day.  Then I drove throw McDonald’s drive-through and picked up lunch.


The night before someone had crashed into our mailbox…the driver was fine, but our mailbox was destroyed.  Therefore, I had to make one last stop at the the post office and put a hold on our mail before returning home.


After lunch my children preformed a quick funeral for a frog that had got trapped in our garage the night before and died.


With lunch and frog buried we finished up school work, and then my oldest son and I went over to the State Highway Patrol so that he could take his driver’s license test.  I’m happy to report he is now a licensed driver.


Even with a few interruptions we were able to complete all our school work…life training for what goes on in the real world. The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.  Proverbs 16:9 NASB

Count blessings, Kasey

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