Dear Weary Mom – Heartbreak



Dear Weary Mom,

You were thrilled beyond words when you first found out that the Lord had fussed together a new life and placed it within your womb.  A living breathing little person who would be a combination of you and that wonderful man you married not so long ago.  You began to dream about how he or she would look–would they have blue or greens eyes, black or blond hair, your nose or his? Plans for this little ones future began to bubble up inside your mind.  You dreamed of a nursery painted in shades of pink and blue, a crib adorned in a homemade quilt, and a closet filled with the tiniest of outfits.  As you began to spread the joyous news with family and friends your excitement became contagious. Everyone was eager for all the details…when you were due…when did you find out…do you want a boy or a girl?

In an instant…it was all swept away…when they gave you the news that something has gone terrible wrong and you were going to loose your precious child–a miscarriage.  Oh, dear one, I know how you felt that day when your heart was ripped to threads and the tears never stopped.  You see, I too have experienced this lost.  Fifteen years ago I experienced not one but two miscarriage…both within months of each other.

When my oldest son was about a year old, I found out I was expecting.  I had only known about the pregnancy for a week when I lost the baby. Seven days doesn’t sound like a lot of time to grow attached to someone.  However, love is not measure by time…love is measured by the heart.  The moment you find out you are expecting, that love starts to grow alongside that little life within your womb.

Within a few months, I was happy to find out, I was expecting once again.  My pregnancy seemed to be progressing well, however, when I was ten weeks along my doctor wanted to make sure and scheduled an ultrasound.  My husband and I were looking forward to seeing our little one on the ultrasound screen. However, that was not to be…the technician told us she couldn’t find a heartbeat which was her way of saying our baby had gone to heaven.  They told me sometime in the next two weeks I would loss my little one.  I just had to go home and wait until everything took its course. Those were very difficult days.

Sweet mama, if you’ve experienced a miscarriage, I want you to know my heart goes out to you…I’m sending you a hug.  Give yourself some time to grieve, wounds from a broken heart take time to mend.  Pour out your heart to the Father, He wants to help you through this difficult period.

May the warmth of God’s love surround your heart and bring joy and blessing to you.


God bless, Kasey


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