Cedar Point


When I was a teenager going to an amusement was a fun endeavor (the bomb). At forty-five its appeal has waned considerably, however, my second born son (14) loves roller coasters–he even wants to design them when he grows up.  He researches roller coasters from all over the world.    He knows the statistics–length, height, and speed of roller coasters.  The closest amusement park from our home is Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio–which he has visited many times.

He’s a quiet, laid back, easy going, low maintenance boy.  Nothing rocks his world…much…except cheese and eggs which he wants nothing to do with.  I know…I know…not liking cheese is un-American, but hey, if that’s the only thing that shakes up his world, I’m good.  With two younger sisters and an older brother I’m always trying to make sure he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  .

Cedar Point, which is in Sandusky, Ohio is supposed to be one of the best roller coaster parks in the world.  It sports sixteen roller coasters and the drive from our home is only a little over four hours, so I decided I’d take him and a friend and his older brother to the park this summer.  He was thrilled with the idea and has talked about the trip all summer.


Monday morning, very early, the four of us hopped in the car and started for Cedar Point.  I wanted to wait until the end of summer in hopes of it being less crowded.



This is a photo, my son took, of Lake Erie with Cedar Point in the background.



Cedar Point is surrounded by Lake Erie which gave us a wonderful breeze all day. The park was clean, well keep-up, and had an array of flowers planted throughout. I decided, before I arrived, that I would do my best to ride as many coasters as I could, in order to support my son’s passion.  We walked in and the first roller coaster we came to was called the “Raptor” that should have been a clue, but I only saw a small part of the coaster and it looked doable.  So I happily agreed to start out with the “Raptor”.  I was o.k. for about a  second, until it went into what I can only describe as Warp-Speed, and then, I thought I was not only going to loose my breakfast, but lunch as well.  Thankfully, God kept everything where it belonged until I could get off.  I told the boys I would have to give my stomach some time to settle before I could ride anymore.  I only managed to ride one other coaster, but I managed some other tame rides.  I let the boys ride whatever coasters they wished and I was perfectly happy watching from below.

DSCN3745aThis is a photo of the death trap, aka “Raptor”, I rode.  I had know idea what I was getting myself into.  Life can sometimes feel like that, but we are never alone, God is always beside us, every step, turn, and sometimes even loop of life.

I had a wonderful time with my boys and I am grateful God blessed us with such a glorious day.

Some photos of our day.


My boys oldest, left and my roller coaster fan, right.

DSCN3716a  Friend, son #1, and son #2

DSCN3725aMom and oldest son

DSCN3712aFriend and #2 son

DSCN3711aSon #1, son #2, and his friend

DSCN3777a   Friend and son #2

DSCN3763aMy favorite ride

DSCN3768aFriend, son #1, and son #2

DSCN3783aRoller coaster boy

DSCN3772Roller coaster boy rode this, it’s called “Wicked Twister”.  He also told me he had a great day.

Count blessings, Kasey

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