Look Them In The Eyes

DSCN3435a I know my first ministry is to my family–the man the Lord yoked with me and the four blessings he has added to our wagon.  I take this job very seriously; I try to be as intentional as I can about meeting their needs.  The Lord gave them to me as a gift and I view them as such,  Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.  Psalm 127:3 Since my children were very young, I’ve tried to take them out (independently) with me and do something fun with them for a few hours, just the two of us. Last weekend my daughter (12) and I went to a “Women of Faith Conference” in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It was the perfect opportunity to get away and spend some, one on one, time together. As a parent I want my children to grow up serving the Lord.  I’m always looking for opportunities, in which, my children can serve others.  Several months ago I was reading a blog about collecting things for the homeless.  Things like loose change, toothbrushes, toothpaste, candy bars, socks, mittens, soap, just anything they might be able to use.  You then place these items into a bag and when you see someone who could us a little help, you hand them a bag.   I told my youth pastor about the idea and he thought assembling bags for the homeless was something our church might want to get involved with and he wanted to hear more about the idea.  I would just need to make an appointment so we could discuss the idea further.  I have been planning to compose a list of items we could collect and then make an appointment to speak with him. However, I’ve been enjoying the summer and just haven’t got around to it. In the meantime the Lord has been putting a stirring in my heart for people who are less fortunate than I, both in the U.S. and across the world.  I’ve been trying to discern just exactly how God wants me to react in response to this stirring. As I stated earlier, I believe my family is my first mission, however, I also believe He has other things He might want me to do along with my mission of caring for my family.  I haven’t figured out just exactly what those things are, but in God’s timing, He will reveal them to me. This brings me to last weekend.  My daughter and  I were walking in downtown Indy.  There were many people down on their luck with signs asking for help. To be honest it was a little scary, but I hung tight to my daughter and kept walking. When the conference was over my daughter and I were walking down the sidewalk toward the parking garage when something I heard, someone say once, came to mind.  “Look them in the eyes!”  That’s when it really occurred to me “they are people too, just like me and you.”  They just like us, want to know someone sees them.  That they are real breathing human beings, that they matter, that someone cares.  By the grace of God I was born into my circumstances, but what if I’d been born in theirs?  Would I have done any better?  Would I still be the person I am today or would I be just like them–living a life on the streets, people diverting their eyes so they don’t have to look at me, or pointing a finger of condemnation. So, what am I going to do?  Where is this going to lead?  I don’t know, just yet. But I can tell you this, I made an appointment to meet with my pastor today. I’m going to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to God’s leading and I’m going to act on His plans.  The gospel message is for the Whole World!  And His name will be the hope for all the world!  Matthew 12:21   I’ll keep you posted on what God has in store for me. Count blessings, Kasey        

Abiding Woman


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