First Born – Seventeen


Seventeen years ago today I became a mama.  Nine months of waiting, planning, and dreaming came to an end.  My blond haired little bundle of joy arrived after only six hours of labor.  He was precious, perfect, and the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on.  Love for this little person (that the Lord knit together in my womb) spilled over me and immediately stole my heart forever.  His daddy and I were utterly and completely thrilled by this little boy. My husband  was so excited he told anyone who would listen about his little boy.


We’ve spent these last seventeen years nurturing, guiding, protecting, training, teaching. disciplining, and praying for him.   We are proud and happy with the young man he has become.  We are doing our best to equip him for the world, so that, when he has to navigate it on his own accord, he will be prepared.



He has grown from an extremely shy little man who clung to his mother’s legs to a happy go-lucky boy/man who loves to talk (just like his mother).  He’s a very bright, compassionate, and a helpful young man; who I’m proud to call my son.



Our greatest desire for our son has never been fame and fortune, but rather to live a life that glorifies the Lord–to the love the Lord with all his heart, mind, and soul.  We want him to go into the world and be the hands and feet of God.  We are praying that the Lord will continue to grow his faith and show him the plans He has for his life.


We are grateful that the Lord has given us the the privilege of raising this boy into the wonderful young man that he has become.

Happy Birthday son!

If you have enjoyed this post I encourage you to pop over to my post Snow Baby , it’s the story of our second son’s birth.  He was delivered in our van in the middle of a snow storm.

DSCN2948 c

Count blessings, Kasey


5 thoughts on “First Born – Seventeen

  1. Visiting from Weekend Brew. Loved your story about your son. How blessed to have raised a son that loves the Lord and desires to serve Him. There is no greater joy!
    Blessings to your whole family,


    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I pray that God will continue to strengthen his faith and us him for God’s good will. It’s scary when I think of him or any of my children going out into the world. May God bless you and yours, Kasey


    • P.S. If you have time you might like to read my post called SNOW BABY, its a post about my second son’s birth–born on the way to the hospital in our van during a snow storm. Blessings to you, Kasey


  2. Happy Belated Birthday to your son! They grow up fast don’t they. I am looking forward to reading Snow Baby. It doesn’t surprise me that you had a baby in your van when your labor with your first was only 6 hours. They tend to pop out a little quicker the second time. Blessings to you! Rachael @ Inking the Heart


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. When we had our daughters (children 3 and 4) the doctors induced my labor, they said there was no way I’d make it to the hospital. Glad you enjoyed the story. Blessings, Kasey


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