The Word Was God


This month, each day, I will be posting a picture of a flower with a scripture verse.

Today I will be hooking up with the Weekend Brew.

I heard it said that most crimes happen in the dark.  It’s much easier to not get caught when people can’t see you.  Don’t we do the same thing when we sin–we try to keep our sins in the dark, so no one will see our sins.  The problem is God sees and we know.  When we keep our sin in the dark it keeps us chained to it–in bondage to our sin, but when we expose our sin, bring it out into the light, it looses it power and its hold on us.

When life gets tough we tend to retreat.  Lock ourselves away in the safety of our homes.  Close ourselves off from others in an attempt to protect ourselves.  The Lord made us to be in community with others, when we close ourselves off from the world, we also close ourselves off from the love and support others can give. We must bring the pain and heartache inflicted upon us into the light so that others may help us to heal and live again.

God’s Word sheds light into dark places.  The Word was with God–image as we partake of God’s Word we are partaking of God.  I so love this verse.  As we ingest the Word of the Lord we are ingesting God!

Meditate on scripture, you are meditating on God.

Count blessings, Kasey



4 thoughts on “The Word Was God

  1. I am so thankful for the Word of God, which brings truth and light, and pierces the darkness all around me. Thanks for linking up with The Weekend Brew.


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