Give Me The Eyes To See You…Lord!

My eyes are ever toward the LORD, for he shall pluck my feet out of the net.  Psalm 25:15


Three years ago today my sweet grandmother went to be with the Lord, she was eighty-six.  She’d suffered a stroke three months earlier which had left her in need of full time nursing attention .  Prior to the stroke she’d lived alone–without assistance and needed no special care.  After the stroke, however, she had to be placed within a nursing home.

My grandmother invested in my life from the time I was born until she went to be with the Lord.  She loved me unconditionally and in her eyes I don’t believe she thought I could do any wrong.   She taught me to crochet, embroider, and how to can vegetables.  She cooked my favorite foods and took me out to eat, brought me flowers and special gift, she was never too busy for me.

No one ever wants to lose someone they love–however, when my grandmother no longer seemed to recognize me and was unable to communicate, it was heartbreaking.  Her passing was bittersweet.  Although, it was hard losing her, I was grateful that she no longer had to linger in state of just existing–I loved her too much for that.

She loved to garden and had many house plants. I’ve been keeping watch over her three amaryllis bulbs for the last three years.  They grew long green stems, but never bloomed.  I tried everything I could think of to get them to bloom.  I asked my friends if they had any ideas how I could get them to bloom, but their advice didn’t work either.  As each Christmas rolled around no bloom–that is until this year.

As I mentioned in my post Winter’s Breathe pt. 2, last fall was not an easy period in my life.  Even as the Christmas season approached wrapped in twinkling lights, ribbons and bows, and holiday cheer–I still struggled.  

However, about a week before Christmas something special began to appear.  A green stem began to grow on one of my amaryllis bulbs, like none I’d ever seen before, and then I knew–God had been saving that bloom for just this year.  The year I needed that bright beautiful bloom.  The year I needed God to assure me that he had not left me, loved me so deeply, and even in the difficult times He is near.

My heart thrilled in the mist of sadness– God had sent me a bright red blooming amaryllis.  He had been saving that special gift just for me, just when I needed it most, and making sure there would be not doubt in my mind it was from Him–loving, kind, healer of broken souls, God.

My precious grandmother’s amaryllis bloomed and I had eyes to see.



I want ears to hear my Saviors voice, a heart to feel His love, eyes to see His presence, and a mind to discern His word.  I hope that is also your prayer.

Count blessings, Kasey



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