Sometimes Radical Is Standing Right Beside You


Sometimes radical is standing right beside you, the person who choose to link their life with yours.  The one who understands that marriage is more than a few words and a paper signed–its a covenant with a Holy God.   The one who chooses to honor this commitment even when life gets a little bumpy and youth begins to flee.  The one who I call husband.

When you live in a world that seems to be living for personal gratification.  That has bought into the idea that if it feels good, do it–with no thought to the consequences.  Living for self can and will have negative results for those around you.  Therefore, when you live a life void of selfish ambitions and focus your attention on others you are practicing radical love.

My husband practices radial love by…

getting up everyday and going to work to provide for his family.

coming home every evening to be with his family.

praying for his family.

playing with his children.

coaching his sons Lego club.

assisting his wife with the homeschooling of our children.

reading to his children.

getting up in the night when they are sick or in need.

investing in his marriage of nineteen years.

keeping up the maintenance on our home, yard, and cars.

taking the time to shop for Christmas and birthday gifts for our children.

cares for pets.

generously gives to those in need.

gives of his time, to church, teaching children the love of Christ.

and many, many, more.

Sometimes we overlook the ordinary, mundane things ,those around us are faithful to do for us and our families.  If your loved one is practicing the things above, stop and thank them for practicing the radical.

Thanks, honey

Counting blessings, Kasey


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