Dare…to Practice the Radical


Ann Voskamp’s blog encourages us to (Practice the  Radical).  I’ve been pondering what that means and what that would look like in ordinary, everyday life.  The dictionary defines radical as fundamental, extreme, and a person who favors rapid and sweeping changes in laws and methods of government.

SLOW–the one word that God has been whispering to me–that was my practice of radical.  For the last few years the Lord has been telling me to slow down, but I would not listen.  I was running at a pace that felt as if I was on a treadmill that wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t get off.

Although it was having a negative effect on me and those I love–I continued to stay on the treadmill of life.  BUSY…wasn’t that the new norm?  I could ask just about anyone how they were doing and they would reply…BUSY.  It felt, as if, I was anything but busy, there was something wrong with me.  It even felt, as if, there was some kind of competition going on to see who was the busiest–who ever passes out first, wins (Wins What I Do Not Know).

For me it wasn’t about winning the award for being the busiest person in town.  It was a lot worse.  It’s called pleasing man instead of God.  I didn’t want to disappoint or make anyone upset with me.  I feared what people might think of me, more than what it would cost me to disobey God.

However, God will not allow us to stay in our sinful nature and He will  do whatever necessary to get our attention–he got mine, fall 2012.  I have struggled with depression for more years than I can remember.  Depression was the instrument God used to get my attention, not only did he get my attention, he brought me to my knees.  It was one of the darkest, most painful periods of my life, but God has used it for good.  I’ve cut back… way back, which has given me real peace and great joy.  I’m enjoying life and spending quality time with my family.  I’m no longer just going through the motions–I’m present.

The Lord will not leave us in our sin;  He is constantly working to transform us into His image.  If you are on the same treadmill that I was on, I challenged you to do something radical and GET OFF.  Do something extreme, go against the tide, and start living life to the fullest.

Obey God!  Don’t let what everyone else is doing, dictate your life.                       

God doesn’t call us to be busy;  He calls us to be fruitful.  – Joyce Meyers

Count blessings, Kasey



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