White As Snow


I pull up the shade this morning and I’m greeted with six-pointed snow flakes drifting to the ground.  A smile immediately reaches my face. Another gift from our Maker. Each snowflake falling is uniquely designed, none are ever identical–Wow!   Truly amazing when you think of all the snow that has fallen, throughout all history, in every region of the world and no two are ever alike.  Only a Great God could have orchestrated such a thing.

I just love the sight of freshly fallen snow.  Everything bare and brown seemingly without life, suddenly becomes pristine clean–a thing of beauty. It reminds of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  We in our sinful nature–dirty and unclean–have been covered by Christ’s blood and have been washed white as snow.  What a blessing and a gift from our Savior.  

Count blessings, Kasey      


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