Progressive Dinner

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!  Psalms 34:8


The Lord made us to be in community with others.  In this high-tech world, where everything is light-speed fast, we seem to be less in community than ever before.  Yes, it’s true we have instant messaging, texting, facebook, twitter, and cell phones, but is this true community?  Could all these fancy gadgets be fools gold–an imitation for the real thing?

I’ve heard it said that communication is only 7% verbal 93% nonverbal–eye contact, facial and body expressions.  Can a text message convey love?  Can a tweet shine brighter than a smile?  Can true comfort come void of human touch?  Can we really greet without a handshake, a pat on the back, or a hug.  Can we fully mourn without someone walking beside us–weeping with us and wiping our tears?

Even an email seems sterile in comparison of a handwritten script.  Are we really in relationship with others if it is via cyber space?  Perhaps, perhaps not, I believe true community comes when we have face to face interaction.  Time must be invested–given freely–for a real relationship to evolve.




Giving of time in this fast paced world is never easy, but the rewards are worth the investment.  In perhaps the busiest season of the year, our small group took a Sunday afternoon and invested in one another.  We traveled in our church bus to four different homes, sang carols along the way, played games and had an all around good time.

Fellowship, relationships, community–all require time; but the rewards can be oh so sweet.

Counting Nativity Scenes.










DSCN0589 DSCN0585 DSCN0586 DSCN0587 DSCN0588

DSCN0498 DSCN0526 DSCN0233 DSCN0231 DSCN0246 DSCN0239 DSCN0238 DSCN0235 DSCN0234

Count blessings, Kasey


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