Christmas Wedding

DSCN0477aI will be reposting this post on my 20th anniversary, December 18th.  Photos will be included and most likely a few new ones. Please stop back then for the revised version.

It was a week before Christmas, nineteen years ago today, that my daddy walked me down the aisle.  He gave me to my handsome groom and sat down beside my mother to watch the wedding unfold.  I wore a white velvet gown–a perfect dress for a winter wedding–my Aunt Karen had hand-sewn a row of tiny sequins around the train to give it just a little bling.  I didn’t want a bunch of fluff and lace–I’m more the refined, elegant type.  I carried a bouquet of  burgundy, purple, and white dried flowers, ribbons of lace twined within.  My groom was dressed in a black tux, a burgundy bountonniere festooned his lapel.

The sanctuary had been made ready to celebrate our Savior’s birth.  Bright red poinsettias–too many to count– lined the altar.  Evergreens, ribbons of red, wreaths hung on either side of the cross, lighted Christmas trees, and a Nativity just behind where  we would say I do.

The bridesmaids–my little sister (maid of honor), the grooms sister, and  a friend–dressed in burgundy and carrying bouquets miniatures of mine.  The groomsmen dressed in black tuxes–my brother, grooms  brother, and the grooms five-year old nephew (ring barer).  It was a family affair.

We had a small quaint wedding–only family and a few friend–about forty guest total.  The only mishap was when my shoe fell off–three different times–as I made my way back down the aisle with my new husband.  My brand new brother-in-law finally just picked up my shoe and carried it as I limped out of the sanctuary.

Congratulations and rice, dinner and cake, presents, well wishes and good-byes as we set off as Mr. and Mrs.

Nineteen years later the Lord has blessed us with four children–an extension of us both.  The oldest a boy–more man than boy, yet often seems more boy than man–(16), second  a male (13 soon to be 14) born just two weeks to the day after christmas–I will be blogging about his birth if you return on Jan. 8, he was born in our van on the way to the hospital.  Our third child a little girl (12) who looks exactly like her mother and Aunt Lori, and  the fourth a little girl (9) who makes fun out of anything and makes me laugh.  Two became six and yes we feel grateful to our Savior for these precious gifts.

I hope this has been an encouragement to you.

Count blessings, Kasey


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